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The Problem with Helicopter Parenting

“Helicopter parenting” has become a familiar term, referring to the tendency of parents to “hover” over their children, micromanaging every aspect of their lives in order to “help” them succeed. Some degree of “hovering” is necessary, especially when children are very young. You really do need to monitor them to keep them safe. The problem I see is that parents often don’t know when or how it’s appropriate to pull back from this style of interaction. Continue reading

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Mommy Not So Dearest

How could you not love your mother? Shouldn’t you want to be close to her? Isn’t it bad to want her out of your life? Continue reading

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The Goose Story

The Goose Story Continue reading

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Every person reading this post has faced some hardship in life such as rejection, divorce, unemployment, death of a loved one, loneliness, or an illness. When life puts you in touch with your tremendous vulnerability, it is natural to experience fear and to have a sense of trepidation as you move forward. After all, you understand clearly that simply living your life exposes you to risk. Continue reading

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It Is Always Now

In the following video, author Sam Harris, urges us to accept that we are mortal beings who will die one day, so that we can shift our focus to what matters most–NOW. Continue reading

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The Paradox of Choice

Do you every feel overwhelmed by the number of choices you make on a daily basis? You are not the only one. In the following TED talk, psychologist Barry Schwartz discusses how choices can sometimes lead to paralysis, not freedom. Continue reading

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Why Me?

“Why me?” is a question people often ask after experiencing a tragedy, but is this really the question to be asking? Continue reading

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