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The Problem with Helicopter Parenting

“Helicopter parenting” has become a familiar term, referring to the tendency of parents to “hover” over their children, micromanaging every aspect of their lives in order to “help” them succeed. Some degree of “hovering” is necessary, especially when children are very young. You really do need to monitor them to keep them safe. The problem I see is that parents often don’t know when or how it’s appropriate to pull back from this style of interaction. Continue reading

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Mommy Not So Dearest

How could you not love your mother? Shouldn’t you want to be close to her? Isn’t it bad to want her out of your life? Continue reading

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Miss Representation

A new documentary called “Miss Representation” premiered at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival.  This film explores how the media misrepresents women, ultimately undermining their political power and influence.  I saw a screening a couple of months ago, and  think the film … Continue reading

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Canadian court bans anonymous sperm & egg donation

For the first time in North America, the child of a donor has won the right for future donor offspring to know their biological parents.  Read the rest of the story here:

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Transitioning Young Kids

I recently had the experience of transitioning my youngest child to preschool and feel compelled to write about what I witnessed and learned during that process.  Now, mind you, my child is attending an excellent preschool, handpicked by her psychologist … Continue reading

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Getting Closer: The Power of Oxytocin

I’ve noticed more articles being published about oxytocin, a hormone often referred to as the “love hormone.”  Oxytocin fuels feelings of love, trust, and generosity.  It helps couples stay close and parents bond to their children.  This hormone also plays a vital role in … Continue reading

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Russian Adoption Gone Bad

Many of you may have heard the news that a 7-year-old child adopted in September 2009 from Russia was recently put on a plane by his adoptive grandmother and returned to Russia.  His adoptive mother, Torry-Ann Hansen, a nurse, sent the … Continue reading

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