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Every person reading this post has faced some hardship in life such as rejection, divorce, unemployment, death of a loved one, loneliness, or an illness. When life puts you in touch with your tremendous vulnerability, it is natural to experience fear and to have a sense of trepidation as you move forward. After all, you understand clearly that simply living your life exposes you to risk. Continue reading

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Listening to Shame

Dr. Brene Brown’s first TED.com talk on the power of vulnerability was an instant hit.  I believe her success is directly related to her courage to speak authentically and her ability to shine a light on the most vulnerable aspects … Continue reading

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Strength in Vulnerability

Is it weak to seek help?  Do feelings of vulnerability, fear, or helplessness signal that you are not strong enough?  If you lose an ability because of illness, injury, or aging, does that mean you are now weaker? One of the things I frequently … Continue reading

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The Power of Vulnerability

Vulnerability is an unavoidable part of life, yet most people have no idea what to do with it.  University of Houston professor, Dr. Brene Brown, has a very powerful message about vulnerability in this excellent TED talk.  I have referred many of … Continue reading

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