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Warning: “Hanging in There” is Destroying Your Health

Many people suffer from stress-related illness. Here’s a great article on the long-term effects of pushing forward, even when your body is screaming for you to stop. Continue reading

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Decision Fatigue

Ever feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of decisions you make in a given day?  Wonder why you sometimes end up making really poor decisions when you are shopping?  Wish you could make better decisions when you go out to … Continue reading

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Stress and IVF Outcome

Many people who seek psychological services for infertility ask me whether I think there is a connection between stress level and ability to get pregnant with IVF.  If you look at the current research on this topic, the answer is that we … Continue reading

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With summer approaching, I’m starting to think of vacation plans.  As a clinician, part of what allows me to stay enthusiastic about my work year after year is making sure I take time off on a regular basis.  Since I have … Continue reading

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