What I’ve Learned about People

My work affords me the amazing privilege of hearing the most intimate details of people’s lives, obviously for the purpose of being of some help to them.  I’ve been officially licensed as a psychologist for 17 years, but have done one form of counseling or another for about 25.  Having literally heard thousands of stories over the years, there are a few “truths” about human beings I have come to believe:

1.  Human connection is the source of the greatest joy in life.  Loss of that same connection is the source of the deepest pain.
2.  Everyone makes sense…once you know their entire story.
3.  We are all very similar inside.  We all hurt when someone we care about pushes us away.  We all have a deep need for love and belonging.
4.  We are born whole, but separate off and hide parts of ourselves the world says are unacceptable.  There is a lifelong struggle to regain wholeness.
5.  Inner peace is difficult to attain until you can muster up the courage to walk into your personal truth and reclaim yourself.

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